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Old 10-03-2009, 09:23 AM
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Default Payment

i like the 1 time payment method becasue i can jsut go 2 the store and get it

And i can tell you why people dont like monthy...

1st off, the economy sucks, and we cant have added bills, second, i dont have a paypal account becasue i dont trust them, and neither do a lot of other people and i dont have a credit card either even if i did i wouldnt spend it on a game, even if it is the best MMORTS there is (that was a compliant). Third, its easier to jsut have it 1 time play, thats what Guild Wars does, and they seem to be working fine, and making guild wars 2.

Heres my idea. Have it as a 1 time pay, a B2P, then have a donate thing, and benifits for donators ( and not big enough to make them rigged, jsut good enough to have them want to donate) PLEASE NO ITEM MALL! you know what i mean