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Old 10-03-2009, 08:43 AM
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Question Payment method?

I was pondering about how the payment method would be to this game.

this is because i've heard alot of other developers saying that a 50 bucks
1-time paying method for an MMORTS/RPG would be impossible to make working because of the required staff and keeping the servers up.

If we exclude 1-time paying then there is a few options:

Microtransactions: Though this is an effective way, it will imbalace the game, making the winner the one who pays most.

Monthly fee: paying every mont you play (or every hour) would balance the game, though many people for some reason don't like this method, therefore it will probably decrease the number of players, and therefore the playing experience.

Donations: Living of people being nice is good, but it will be a very unpredictable income; and probably not enough.

Addvertisements: Pop-up windows and different adds within the game could maybe be am efficient way, though personally I would hate adds poping up, and other crappy adds. Maybe you could play free with adds or donate/monthly payment to get rid of them.

The payment method i'd prefer would be montly payment, or a 1-time pay, though i think with 1-time pay, there would be to poor customer support.