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In an age far past, the ancients were of 2 paths, equally loved and equally acceptable. One was the way of death and destruction, seen as a natural half of the cycle of which the other path, which was life and light, was also part of. All the races practiced each of these two magics to some degree or another, but none was more proficient or incorporated both into their lives more than the elves. Unlike other races, which only saw death magic as a way to destroy their enemies, the dark elves (for that is what they were called, even if they looked exactly like the other elves), or those elves that followed the dark side of life, took it into their responsibility to use this magic to ease the sufferings of those dying or writhing in pain and speed their souls to the afterlife, to the grand source of all life. The high elves (they were very sure of their righteousness, although they were only one half of the circle) were assigned the opposite responsibility to save those that could be saved, to cure diseases, and to serve their natural purpose, such as by growing farms with speeded growth, making life-giving rain fall to the earth, and other such things. As was also natural, these two groups, fulfilling opposite sides of the circle, were in constant conflict with eachother, like the two halves of yin and yang in our world.

One day, the high elf Toram got it into his hot air baloon of a prideful skull to remove the dark elven side of magic and the circle altogether. He set to scheming, and by the end, he had convinced all that the dark elves had been corrupted in their task to speed the soul's journey by performing what he called necromancy, enslaving the soul to their own will. What was not known was that he had been the one to orchestrate such a grotesque torture show, and had done it as an especially detested dark elf bent to help a dying man's soul to the afterlife. He tried to protest such an accusation, but the pride-blinded high elves took this as evil and treachery, killing every dark elf found, driving the rest into hiding deep beneath the earth.

Through centuries of seperation from, and an intense hatred for your long-removed high elven enemies for centuries, your dark elven kind have evolved into something different from the high elves. You have developed extremely pale skin and hair that is bleached white from long removed access to the sun. Obviously not the physical features, you, the dark elves, have changed in the meaning of your name. You are dark, not because of death magic, but because of the corruption and desperation and enmity that forced you to use the newfound art of necromancy to survive in the harsh underground environment.

Now is the time to EXPLODE from the ground. Now is the time to STRIKE DOWN those that betrayed you, from right under their pompous noses. Now is the time for VENGEANCE on those that wrongfully killed your kind and drove you to unspeakable acts of necromancy, a corruption of your creed. You, Dalaar Rak'zalon, must lead your people, the dark elves, to victory and destroy any that stand in the way of your conquest!

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