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At the far end of the world, west of Dunn Norst just below the mountains lies a small human empire. Forged together by strong will and constant threats and the city Brighning. Brighning stands as a knot to all small human villages around and also as the constant suppressing force against the orc threat that always ravage this country.

The orcs in these parts of the country never grow strong becouse of their internal strife for small patches of land but now it seems that this have changed. An orc warlord by the name Orgur Thunderstrike has risen and managed to unite some of the orc tribes, normally in other regions this wouldn't be such a big threat but if this orc would manage to rally all the orcs in these parts he would grow so strong that even Brighning, the only city that even cares for these lands, wouldn't stand a chance against him.

At this moment Brighning is not even aware of the orc warlords movements, Orgur have planned his campaign carefully not to awaken any stronger forces against him, not until he have rallied the orcs that is. But until he can manage to do that he must prove to the orcs hiding inside the mountain that he is powered by the gods that he is their King. So he travels around plundering small villages, not leaving any witnesses and at the same time building up an army, an army strong enough to eliminate the humans that have been a thorn at his side for such a long time and so he can finally build his orc kingdom, Citadel of Thunders. A bastion for all the orcs in the north.

Will you join Brighning in their attempt to stop Orgur or will you join side with him, finally releasing the chains that so pulls the orcs down in these parts of the lands, so that they finally can be released and patch together a land to call home.

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