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For 20 years Duke Reinhart has served his king with grand vigor and bravery. Commanding vast armies, he has led his nation to many victories. His superiority on the battlefield is remarked by the fact that he has led charges personally and is never found on the rear of this army.
On the peak of success, a terrible event has transpired. The king, his closest friend, was found dead in his sleeping quarters. The murdered lord was poisoned, and had hemorrhaged during his sleep.
The King's advisor was quick to direct accusations towards the Duke, claiming Reinhart wished to absorb his lordship's mantle, as there was no heir.
In an event of weights balancing, the Duke was able to escape execution by orchestrating an uprising. As things turn out, the army never turned their back on their battleleader, and were happy to oblige in aiding his escape.

As the kingdom is desintegrating under corruption of the advisor, while under pressure of a neighbouring Necromancer and his host of undead minions. Duke Reinhart has gone renegade with hundreds of warriors. In the far West he has settled and tries to build his own kingdom, hoping to return prosperity back to the lands he once swore to protect.

But it won't be an easy task. As the Elves swore vengeance on him, as the wood of their forests were salvaged to build Human settlements. Even the Orcs have turned their attention to the Duke, thinking there are many spoils to be gained.