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Ill probably come back to this an expand on it once i have a few more ideas so just bare with me for the moment

Title: Paradise Lost

After a particularly bad year centuries ago the survivors of a massive battle between orcs, humans and elves flee the destruction of their homelands looking for safety in far off lands. The three groups wander for many years in an empty wasteland so barren the survivors degenerate into simple tribe societies and forget much of their history. Eventually the three groups wander out of the vast desert and come upon a untouched land of pristine beauty. The three tribes happen upon each other, and not knowing any of their own history are amazed that there is another group of sentient beings. The three tribes welcome each other and together they form a small town on the edge of a vast river, surrounded by the untouched wilderness which would become their homeland. Over many years the city of Wandaren becomes a mighty bastion of culture and learning. knowing not of their races previous history the city is completely alone and fears nothing from the outside world. Together the three tribes are one and the same in peace and prosperity. The city of Wandaren has nothing to fear.....except itself....

One day an adventurer from a far of human kingdom happens on the city and is astounded at the co-operation the orcs, humans and elves show towards each other. The adventurer tells the city of their peoples history and cracks start to appear in Wandarens unity. Distrust and fear causes the Wandarens, united for so many years, to again split into their tribes. The city erupts in fear fueled violence and the shining metropolis degenerates into a brutal battlefield for the remnants of their once great city, the dream of unity and a society based on peace and co-operation is crushed under the heel of emerging war machines. Will your people stay and fight to the bitter end for the scrapes of your fore-fathers, or will you flee your homes and lick your wounds and recover for the final assault on your homeland? The choice is yours but the question remains, who sent the adventurer to break the union, and why did a society which had stood strong for centuries collapse under the weight of a few years? Simple fear, or something far far darker....

The main characters would probably be leaders from each of the "tribes" and possible an evil figure or group who caused the break up of the Wandaren society for purposes unknown.
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