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Originally Posted by Haeso View Post
You misunderstand how the world map works. The only markers on the world map are NPC cities, your own armies/cities and quests, possibly allied armies/cities we're not sure on that, Player versus player is started using an automatch system not by walking to any specific place.
Bryan Oakley's

Q. In the MMORTS, will you be able to choose not to get attacked by another human player?.
A. There is a way to stop other players from attacking you, but it drains your resources. If another player chooses to attack you, you can simply pay a tribute and the fighting will not start. Also, when you first set up your MMORTS city, you will not be able to be attacked for a little while.

Danny Vink

Added February 20, 2009
Q. Will you be able to see other players on the world map during MMORTS mode?
A. Not all the time - and what you`ll see on the World map is gonna be 1/100th of all user activity. We will show armies and cities allied to the player - and perhaps units and cities which the player can immediately fight
against - that would already be enough to fill the world map. Also stuff like your player armies or cities under attack might be shown as well. For example, your army of Level 5 is in Wold Region. There are 500 total player armies and 200 cities in the Wold Region. Out of all of these, only 300 armies and 70 cities are close to your army's level and can be engaged.


Konstantin Fomenko

Think Total War games. You move armies and select cities on the World Map. But unlike Total War, where player only gets into RTS view during the battle, in DoF player can at any time see his Army/Town in RTS view

so i sorrta found my own answere but as for a auto match system how can that be if u can be attacked against your will, also you do move your armys around like in total war, finaly

Q. In the MMORTS mode, will players be restricted to only one territory or will they be allowed to own a conquered territory and have one additional castle on the world map?
A. Every player may have up to 4 cities of various races. At higher levels additional cities can be conquered.

so if you move around like in total war u can capture other peoples city's you can be attacked against your will and have to pay tribute and you can see city's around you that you can attack how is this a auto match system... but i do see now that the amount of citys are static

if u have a dev post on the auto match thing let me know plz
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