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Old 09-24-2009, 07:43 PM
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Originally Posted by stinkylover View Post
so i was wondering how exactly is the map going to expand, assuming it does. if more players keep joining wont it eventually fill up?
will it just add more land to the edge of the map or will the developers add additional continents? or will it just be a bunch of dots/kingdom markers on a giant world map, that u have to march a army up to then load into the fight?

if this has already bee answered pleas direct me to the thread
You misunderstand how the world map works. The only markers on the world map are NPC cities, your own armies/cities and quests, possibly allied armies/cities we're not sure on that, Player versus player is started using an automatch system not by walking to any specific place.
Remember to read the FAQ before asking questions!

And if you don't find the answer - ask them in that same thread, we'll answer what we can.