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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
Ever heard of facial expressions? He he he.
I'd like to just say two things. First of all, getting into the beta isn't the developers' excuse for letting you play the game early. It will not be completely polished, you will encounter bugs, you will primarily be finding bugs simply by playing/testing, you will be providing adequate feedback. Secondly, does it really matter if you get into the beta or not? Think of it this way:
You get into the beta: play the game early, know what to expect. Formulate strategies to initially get ahead when the game is released. In a sense, you get to help Reverie. However, there are no/limited surprises left, you have to provide feedback from a buggy game and no material will be in a sense 'new' at the official release.
You don't get into the beta: you don't play the game early. And? You will still play the game, just when it's finished. Despite all the information giving by the developers, content will seem new to you and full of surprises.
You shouldn't really mind about getting into the beta. Either's good! Discover patience, and you will love the game regardless. This hoo-hah over the beta seems so exaggerated and unnecessary.
Originally Posted by Haeso View Post
To be fair, for anyone interested in the MMORTS mode beta experience is a huge advantage, as it is in every game. And as far as 'new' or 'surprises' I find myself going back and playing old games more than new, by far. And surprises, I don't like surprises. I like to know what I'm getting. Granted that's just me, but thinking about beta differently is not by any stretch of the imagination 'wrong' it all depends on what you want out of the game. I intend to be playing it for years. If people just intend to play for a couple months whil it's still new or don't care about MMORTS mode sure, beta isn't as big a deal. But for those that are primarily interested in MMORTS, as I said, it's a fairly big advantage.

You do however raise a valid point about testing, it's not about playing the game early. You should be testing first, playing second if at all. But even if all you're doing is testing as diligently as possible, you're still learning how the game works before others. I'd be pretty disappointed with anyone trying to get in solely for an advantage/playing early, we should be focusing on helping improve the game first and foremost, any personal benefits should be secondary and just a bonus.
Yes I do understand exactly what both of you are say as that is what I am doing at the college I'm going to. I for the next few quarters I will be making a game (by myself and in a team) hopefully using the new torque 3d game engine . This will mean I have to concept, program, model, animate, and "Test Play". I think this is when games are the funnest is when they aren't quite complete so you can find bugs and help the developer (whether it is a company, friend, or someone else) with the things don't see or notice.

I didn't mean to step on any ones toes, but it is still nice to get a look at the not down yet version of a game. I definitely know how important have other people play test your product is.

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