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Old 09-24-2009, 02:49 PM
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Ever heard of facial expressions? He he he.
I'd like to just say two things. First of all, getting into the beta isn't the developers' excuse for letting you play the game early. It will not be completely polished, you will encounter bugs, you will primarily be finding bugs simply by playing/testing, you will be providing adequate feedback. Secondly, does it really matter if you get into the beta or not? Think of it this way:
You get into the beta: play the game early, know what to expect. Formulate strategies to initially get ahead when the game is released. In a sense, you get to help Reverie. However, there are no/limited surprises left, you have to provide feedback from a buggy game and no material will be in a sense 'new' at the official release.
You don't get into the beta: you don't play the game early. And? You will still play the game, just when it's finished. Despite all the information giving by the developers, content will seem new to you and full of surprises.
You shouldn't really mind about getting into the beta. Either's good! Discover patience, and you will love the game regardless. This hoo-hah over the beta seems so exaggerated and unnecessary.
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