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Old 09-22-2009, 09:27 PM
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o man o man I dint know about this payed content stuff this almost trashes my hopes for this game does this mean someone can come in and put 20 dollars a day into there account and just totally dominate anything . Sad day for me, I hope there is something in place to make it not to overbalanced I don't know how though. I dunno someone shed some light on this fear. Sure I understand it's good for the company and thats fine, I don't even mind that people that have the money to spend on this game do get some stuff to make them better off but I dont want to play a game were I have to keep putting money into the game to compete. Every once in a while would be alright i guess.

Also I have nothing against paying for expansion packs or even paying monthly but prefer the way guild wars does it.