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Old 09-21-2009, 05:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Closed beta testers will be under very strict NDA - same one our employees sign. People would actually need to sign this NDA electronically or via fax.

With open beta, NDA will be less strict. We should even allow poting screens and videos at a later part of closed beta. And it`ll be click "I accept" button to sign, instead of actual signature.
How would the closed beta testers sign electronically? I know of no-one who owns a fax machine so im interested to the alternative lol

Originally Posted by wills370 View Post
Yeah thats true. but the priciple is the same. I guess its so they can prove that it is you who has signed it.

Although would that mean that only over 18's would be able to participate. It wouldnt be a problem for me but for others it may be a issue. Giving the signing of written contracts without parental consent?
Well At the age of 16 in the UK the person(s) MUST sign for themselves on all documents, however depending on the formality of the document a parents signature may be required... Hopefully a parents signature will not be required :/ That may prove problematic, My mother is fearful of the internet and expects details or funds to be stolen at any moment, while my father is far too laidback to care about much and will not be bothered to sign for a beta... He has participated in enough himself to not care...

And I agree Litos He is new cut him some slack But dont worry, we all get annoyed or make mistakes occasionally
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