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Originally Posted by wills370 View Post
Yeah i will admit it is frustrating if your games dont match your PC capability's. Judging on the development of this game however as it has moved from reasonably modest graphics to thoose seen in the new trailor. I will be pretty suprised if the engine dosent offer a range of graphic options. (particularly the grass and the addable leave etc under the trees). when games are designed like this with a new engine they usualy work best and will suit your computers ability on all levels.

On a side note however how much more graphic work is there to do in regard to DOF genrally. Is it close to the level of graphics you want for sale? or still alot more work?
I'm positive they'll have very powerful scaling, they won't make a game a bunch of potential customers can't play lol. Marketing towards low end, ESPECIALLY for strategy games is the way to go. While no genre requires amazing graphics - I'd say RTSes are one of the genres where people care very little about them as they understand a game such as DoF for example that has such a grand scale requires lots of computer resources. Nobody knows but them what they'll do, but I remain confident they'll both have the graphics powerful computers can take advantage of, and lower settings so that people can still play the game.
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