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Originally Posted by xsacha View Post
I just got a brand new laptop and tried out various games that are meant to be graphically challenging. I've been disappointed that my laptop appears to be able to play everything (including Crysis on HIGH, Oblivion and Farcry 2) with atleast 30 FPS. This is on a laptop afterall. I didn't exactly buy the laptop as a gaming rig either, a quite modest Radeon 4570.

That's why I think games should have higher settings available. I'm sure there is quite a few people with desktop gaming rigs looking for the best graphics.

So yeah if it was just simply a 'setting change' to make the graphics look much better, don't hesitate! I don't mind having medium settings if I'm using a laptop and there's quite a few people whose systems are going idle. Just make sure low settings look nice too. Not hard right?
Basicly to my knowledge crysis is still the most graphic intensive game around so if u can run that theres nothing much to stop you
Not sure why u mentioned oblivion, while awsome its engine is basically ancient

If u want to bring your pc to its knees try running supreme commander with all settings on full with the hack that removes the unit limit. Even beastly rigs can be brought to their knees with that many units
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