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Old 09-17-2007, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
Question 0ne.

as some know dreamer left ip (not that u care) and ip is rapidly dying, but will dawn of fantasy allow "mapping, modding clans"
Yes, we will allow mapping and modding clans. We are planning an extensive part to Reverie Online that will allow modding communities (clans or whatever you'd like to call them) to maximize their production by using tools like our own Virtual Office software we are developing.

Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
Question Two.

some "sneaky" bast..ds like to mod games that cant normally be modded, will dawn of fantasy allow mods or is it anti mod
DoF will allow mods, you will easily be able to modify DoF to create entirely seperate games, much like Half-Life has been modded for many many games.

Originally Posted by iceblast View Post
Question Three

what exactly are elves are they a fine resemblance to the bfme2 elves or are they like the midget elves who are in alice in wonderland
Elves are more like LotR elves yes, we have a mixture of two classic elven races in our faction, Wood Elves and High Elves. Wood Elves generally rely on nature and use druidic magic. High Elves practice sorcery and use metals and other various materials to create their homes and armor.