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Old 09-17-2007, 10:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Silent_Lamb View Post
Will you be able to build those stakes? And will those tents and other structures be a bi-product of building siege towers, as in when your building them those little tents pop up? I think it would really add life to the battlefield if after you defeated that sieging army you could look out on their structures, fire pits, and the like.

Which brings up another question, will their be a way to make it so units will not disappear (or decompose into the earth) like Dawn of War (Maybe that's not the only one that did it but it's what comes to mind). I like to see my battlefield littered with the dead of my enemies and my allies, it just brings life to it. For slower PC's the ability could be turned off.
Yes you'll be able to build the stakes. The tents and other structures are "camps" which you can build, these help heal units more quickly in the wildnerness and as well as other positives.

At the moment units do not "decompose" or fade away after they are killed, however I believe we will have to have a time limit before they decompose before we launch the title, it will take up a lot of resources, which could be put into making units look better and nicer effects.