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Old 09-15-2009, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
The thing is though, will they have to block many of their attacks and let the archers thin out the enemy ranks before they really start doing damage? I don't always want to use archers as a crutch because while I will use them for every battle nearly, I want to be able to win without so many archers.
Well in most fantasy elves are portrayed as superior and very agile... This agility would grant them speed so I would presume they may have the ability to get quick attacks in from time to time with a faster attack/block speed?

But yeah... Each race has its own playstyle... The orcs would be numbers and a few very strong single units such as trolls... The Humans would be formational and possibly the best race to turtle with their large stone walls... etc...
Also added to these fighting styles is the differing economy systems and then they would influence your fighting style and tactics... E.G: I am Human, I cannot allow these orcs to ransack these farms, their invaluable to the upkeep of my army and without them We shall soon fall...

Also Add to that the fact that all units have their own experience and level systems, so a veteran will be able to fend off a larger force than a fresh recruit... And then there are also the abilities that they have (if i remember rightly) these abilities use stamina, as does running, therefore a well rested army will be better prepared to fight
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