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Old 09-13-2009, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
There is a ~chance~ that beta may not include Standard online skirmish because we want to get mmorts perfect and the majority of the game is on it. its not just players against other players on the world map but also doing quests and visiting main cities, setting up camps around the map, hiring new mercenaries, having armies move around raiding looting other armies and camps. It NEEDS to be done right and we are trying our best to make it so. It would be an epic fail if everyone starts playing "Endless army battle" maps that do not help us in anyway during beta to fix up the game.

If it was up to me, closed beta at least would not contain: Editor, Campaign, Online Skirmish/Custom Maps or Custom Map Skirmish, just basic tutorial, mmorts and a few AI skirmish modes for beginners to learn how to defend and attack a stronghold.
I fully agree, I'll be testing whatever it is you guys think needs the most attention, be it feedback for mmorts or simply footwork, going through and doing everything you can, every way you can looking for bugs, whatever needs to be done. I'd want to start creating various maps as soon as I get the editor, but I'd leave actual playtesting for release. People in the beta are there to be testing the game, not whatever scenarios we can come up with : p

Whether we get the editor or not isn't a huge deal, the testing really is to test, I think we're all aware that if you need focused feedback or bug testing etc we'd all be there doing it.