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Old 09-13-2009, 03:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
Nah, any ideas I'll keep to myself thanks.
Haeso, have you got nothing else to do? Pretty much every other post is yours :\
All I've been doing since the internship announcement is watching the forums and scripting. I can stop posting if it's beginning to feel like spam -shrugs-, I thought most of it was actually constructive/thought provoking. I wish there was more activity, been trying to get others to post. I'd really like to be able to carry on some discussions, it's just hard to before people get their hands on the beta and it's largely all speculation/wishlist-esque.

As far as keeping your ideas, go for it I'm just looking to get the community involved in something, talking amongst ourselves. Dead forums don't look good to newcomers. I plan to at some point create that thread to gather ideas so anyone with the editor has an idea of what people will actually look forward to though, it would create a lot of discussion. As well as there's nothing more annoying than working forever on something only to find that nobody wants to play that type of game no matter how good it is.

edit for sneaky: C++ isn't worth dealing with unless you really plan on using it. And as far as exercises, yeah there's almost none of that online. You need to get an actual textbook/beginners guide. The most beginner friendly I've seen is python. Lua is 'decent' Essentially I've been creating my own exercises trying to reverse engineer how everything works. Nothing like taking something apart then putting it back together to learn how it works.

edit for puppeteer: I didn't think you were - I just wanted to be sure. I don't want to be obnoxious or annoying and I actually asked in another thread if people had begun to think I was I really just want to get the community excited and talking. Have fun with your Literature, the only book I'm interested in reading won't be out for months sadly. A song of ice and fire, it's the only series that I'm paying attention to.

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