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Old 09-13-2009, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
I suppose I prefer skirmish. I hate how competitive people are online. I mean, competitive beyond a joke - they find a cheap strategy, and just abuse it. That's not fun for me. I like uniqueness. I like having won with various strategies. From time to time I like playing for aesthetics, not purpose.
Cheap strategies can oft be a great deal of fun. A few times. Then the novelty wears off, at least for me, and I work on creating a new strategy. But for the most part my strategies consist of tried and true number crunched build orders and scouting to see exactly what to build, It takes some doing but you can reduce any game down to a complex version of rock paper scissors and assign values creating spreadsheets for how effective a unit is when used optimally against every other type of unit, add in the margin of error you have for misclicks/poor targeting/movement decisions and you can figure out almost exactly what you need to beat any given army composition.

I see no lasting joy in a strategy that will simply be fixed in a patch, I just strive to create the best possible strategy that has a chance of being around more than a week or two barring massive rebalancing. Which I've done in several games. I like breaking a game down to it's basics and figuring out how everything works, I enjoy it almost as much as actually playing to be honest. I like math