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Old 09-13-2009, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
What I would like is a map that is like MMORTS mode but on a much smaller scale to be played with your friends. There would be a few different factions(generally one race per faction) and they each hold a unique kingdom or fort to hold and launch attacks from.
It's sort of like that, except it modifies the game mechanics. It would be based upon automatically spawned units, it's a rather popular UMS type for SC, and somewhat popular in wc3 customs.

You have several 'spawn' buildings you start with or get through events, then you have 'castles' or whatever the map maker decides to call them - you build them near a spawn, and you increase the number of troops and get higher quality ones from that spawn. What it does is reduces the game down to the basics, it almost totally eliminates economy, when you finish one 'castle' you get enough resources to build another and on and on. Leaving you solely with the choice of which spawn to upgrade and how you use the units at your disposal. It's a UMS type I really enjoy. I could expand further, but I'll stop my wall of text for now.