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Old 09-12-2009, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by sneaky_squirrel View Post
Both equally:

Finally I cna mage my people and watch them die and suffer pleading for mercy and cry and feel sorry for them as I steal their's gonna be fun making alliences, adventures and trade ;p.

Plus I can't wait to make quests where you have to set up a small camp and defeat the evil Ogre that stole the village princess and return her to her father, etc. (Would be cool if quests could have a limit on how many men you can bring, so you could make RPG type quests).

The crazy and unique scenarios XD.
They've said you can nearly do anything, if their editor is as versatile as they make it sound, that'd be possible. The question is will MMORTS mode be flexible in what type of scenarios can be added to it so it's not limited to just the standard game, be it through game alterting maps, or just little things like the very small limit on army size to encourage RPG style tactics/micro.

Oh and one question for you or anyone else, I feel like I'm adding mostly if not always constructive posts, but I wonder if it might be misconstrued as spamming. I certainly wish there were a few more active people on the forums, I know there will be plenty whenever beta starts though.

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