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Old 09-11-2009, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by sneaky_squirrel View Post
Already started gathering information for my aplication, so far I have like 6 successfully completed projects ;p.

Who else gonna send an aplication besides me?

Geez can't wait for next week...
I'm trying to find old projects now really, I don't have them saved since everything but simple maps created for balanced competitive play in a couple more recent games like sins were 4+ years ago. If possible I'd like a more clear expectation from rev really and just try and put something together with wc3 solely for applying, what's acceptable.

I can slap together some examples of complicated function I know how to do most of it and could create maps showcasing each function from spawning a unit, to teleporting it and modifying it, or adjusting player values all sorts of wild things from creating systems that record kills for each player altering the units they control, possibly upgrading them to a different unit, anything I could ever think of I could get to work eventually, but the time to create a full project is beyond me even if I put 12+ hours a day in if we've only got a week

However I'm guessing you don't want us to be creating scenarios that totally convert gameplay? Just maps that could pass as one created by the company, playable with the normal game, possibly adding cinematics, quest text, creating various challenges through spawned opponents based on several things, either action based upon moving into a designated area, gathering a certain amount of something be it units, resources or anything else, killing something, etc. That's incredibly easy and just takes time, I could do that no problem if given an example map to draw and learn from, or do you want something that does indeed wildly alter the gameplay? Note; this part isn't about our example projects, this is what you want people to do once they become interns for you.

I've got the time and ability to do it, just no saved examples, none of them became popular enough to continue working on them so I never kept them and since I'm not active anymore in any modding community because of the lack of any titles that I enjoyed enough to spend time on, nothing new. I'd love to be able to help out, might not be able to because of those circumstances however.

Basically I'd like to get a week with the editor and one sample scenario, and create something with your own editor on my own time as an example of what I can do, but that's not likely to happen, so just some clarification on what you'll be looking for us to be able to do, and if you're looking for a polished product, or a demonstration of ability and if the latter, what sort of ability you're looking for, a flowing and balanced map for multiplayer, total conversion of game mechanics, or a challenging and innovative quest map, would also be something I could work with.