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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
Caravans will act like a regular Army, but mostly loaded with horsecarts instead of troops - for example. Since having a horsecart in your army increases the amount of resources the army can carry. So while an army of 10 swordsman battalion could carry 80 stone, army with 8 horsecarts and 2 swordsman would carry 540.

Other player would no doubt try to seek out and attack such caravans, so Player might want to have a second army nearby to escort the caravan, or some allied armies who would come to his aid.

You can do just that, position several armies in a region, and put them up at the alliance auction for other players to buy their protection. You might be quite bust though, fighting one battle after another protecting caravans.
Awesome! I'm so gonna do it, i'll ambush the same players caravans repeatedly taking out all their protection with my skillz til they agree to pay me a "fair" sum for my "protection". \o/ Orc raiders FTW!
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