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Old 09-06-2009, 11:38 PM
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I feel as though graphics are the bane of games of recent years. Every game has to have 'super ultra leet graphics !!!1', or it 'suxxors'. So every new game requires a large amount of resources/input/focus on nice graphics or a good game will still fall by the wayside. The only exceptions being those who deliberately aim for niche markets, which are typically very small, and perhaps just as finnicky in their own ways.

I would also say that design or style outweights graphics, but it is potentially another lost cause in the current market climate.

the best example I can think of is the original X-Com game. Anyone who played this somewhere back in 1995 might have ruminated along these lines "wow if games are this good now, imagine what they will be like in another 15 years !".


all of that said the screenshot does look nice.