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Old 09-05-2009, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Lord Percival View Post
Maybe you guys could put in a "Create A General" mode where you can make Brave warriors and/or General to fight with your troops in battle and to boost are somethings i was thinking about in "create a General" mode

Hair type:
you know stuff like that..the Player has a limit on the numbers of Generals he can have in his ranks

the bigger his city and and the more battles he wins the more Generals he could make
soo..what do you guys think?
If this is supposed act like a hero unit, get rid of hair type and don't expect to tell it's age from anything other than bio. It can't be too detailed, more likely it'll be a 'pick from existing models' not create your own unless you can submit a model/texture mesh and they decide to add it for you. It has mmo features, this particular one just seems unimportant unless you plan to play zoomed in staring at it. While the idea is cool, it'd be a little taxing for an RTS to have a lot of customized looks.

Me, what I'd like to see for a 'general' is something you pick before the game and maybe you can change it every so often, but make it a 'leader' who has passive benefits and possibly activated stuff, you can have either an economic one, mixed, or combat. Also which one you chose shouldn't be shown to your opponents. It'd be pretty cool if their effects were really small and as you grew in power (especially MMO mode) you could have more of them.. Off topic a little hope you don't mind, but when I read the thread, that's what I was thinking.
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