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Old 09-13-2007, 10:05 AM
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Well I agree that more detailed units are always lovely. I love detail in characters and units quite a bit, but they are secondary to the gameplay and atmosphere itself. For example, Company of Heroes or Spellforce 2 are some of the better looking RTS titles around at the moment when it comes to unit details, but games like Battle for Middle Earth 2 - while having less polycount on units - aren't affected by it. You could also list Medieval Total War 2 here I suppose, though it's not RTS, and more of strategy-tactics game.

I see Dawn of Fantasy as a large scale game of epic proportions, massive armies. And I personally don't see a problem in how the details of units are right now. While - as I mentioned before - game has this strong Photoshop brushed-filtered look, the graphics themselves look good the way they are when it comes to what's currently there. In my opinion it would simply benefit from expanding what's already there, instead of remaking a large portion of it.

I just have a hard time seeing that there's time for another massive graphics upgrade that leaves alot of months of time to add to it, since I believe the game would strongly benefit from being expanded than upgraded what's there.

It would help strongly with maps variations as well, the last thing you need is to end up with a situation where maps look mostly the same. Yes, buildings in different places, vegetation in different places, terrain elevation variations, but overall the same.

But I have alot of faith in you guys, after you've come far and I'm sure you'll make the right decision, simply offered a bit of my own opinion to the pile. Hopefully we'll see the real benefits of the graphics update soon enough

EDIT: And apologies for the DoF screens in my previous post, happened to drop few symbols into URL that weren't meant to be there. Fixed now.