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Old 09-12-2007, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
There are game speeds in the scripts right now even, if we want the game to pause we can just set the gamespeed to 0.
Having an ability for one side to make the other side lets say 3% slower for 10 minutes would be one hell of a good ability. That would be cool. Give it to a wizard lol; some sort of curse, make all workers/building buildings/ moving armies 5-10% slower even better idea. keep em coming guys.

Slave master spell, makes all workers work 10% faster in movement and gathering resources for 5 minutes. < another cool idea.
Cool ideas, but seeing as 24 spells is the target for the game, I think those might not be the best choices. I love the ideas, just I don't want to see them edge something else out that might have more depth. Global spells can be neat, but they often don't have the same degree of depth as localized ones. Certainly as a unit ability to boost the speeds of other units, however, that could work very nicely.
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