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Old 08-28-2009, 09:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
You're probably looking at the standard price range for new games. As mentioned, 50 bucks sounds appropriate. It certainly won't be free (legally anyways <_<)

For my part, I pay for my games. If it's not worth paying for, it's not worth playing. That's not to say that freeware is bad, it's just that I won't pirate my games. I intend to support developers who actually strive to create excellent titles.
I try games before I buy them, if there's a demo, great, if not, well. I don't buy games before I try them, waste way too much that way. It's a controversial stance, but quite honestly if a company isn't willing to let me try their game before I buy it, then I'm not willing to trust that they created a game worth paying for. I've saved hundreds doing this on games I played a day at most then removed from my PC. And games that I do really enjoy I make a point to go out and buy them. Fallout for example I enjoyed so much that when my gpu got melted by a bad psu while I was waiting on parts to arrive I went and bought a second copy - for my 360. Plenty of other games like that, and many more of the other type, that just weren't worth paying for.

Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
The only surprise to me is the cost of the box. Seems these days every publisher is using exactly the same box, so you'd think you'd be able to buy them in bulk and stuff in your manual and cover art. Honestly, if it shaved $10 off my purchase I'd buy just the jewel case. The only thing I'd miss is the manual, but the charm that went into manuals of the older days just isn't there anymore anyways.

Digital distribution is really starting to make sense these days. I suppose this is a matter for your publisher, but there's very little overhead associated with digital distribution, certainly nothing on the order of actually packaging and shipping and occupying shelf space.
I have manuals for some really old games that are bigger than most novels. I loved that, but really it's all about digital distribution now. It's cheaper, and it's easier for most people.