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Old 08-28-2009, 08:39 PM
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From the 50$ you get in a store like Besbuy or Wallmart, the store keeps around 8-10$. The manufacturing of that good looking game box, DVDs and manual takes another 5-10$ - depending on how fancy the Game box is. Usually Publisher would take at least 50% of what`s left. And in the end developer would get around 8$-10$ after years of hard work and majority of investment
The only surprise to me is the cost of the box. Seems these days every publisher is using exactly the same box, so you'd think you'd be able to buy them in bulk and stuff in your manual and cover art. Honestly, if it shaved $10 off my purchase I'd buy just the jewel case. The only thing I'd miss is the manual, but the charm that went into manuals of the older days just isn't there anymore anyways.

We are really pushing DoF to be soled online as well as retail. Download size of the final game should be under 1.2GBs making it quite an easy download. And manufacturing and retail fees are almost nil.
Digital distribution is really starting to make sense these days. I suppose this is a matter for your publisher, but there's very little overhead associated with digital distribution, certainly nothing on the order of actually packaging and shipping and occupying shelf space.

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