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Old 08-28-2009, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
That's the whole point! You can't expect to surrender the outer wall and regain it easily. There's a reason why you're keeping the invaders out. And decreasing the bonus makes no realism sense either.
I agree on the realism point, it would not benefit the game depending on the fight system in place. Being a moderator you most certianly have a better feel for the game etc. So i wont argue with you there (on a side note is damage realistic too on this game? e.g you hvve lucky shot arrows that can go though a nights head for a head shot or kill the unprotected in one shot?, just wondering how far down the realism line they are planning on going with the fight system?)

and i was just making the point so that it was something to think about, i didnt want this game falling into the trap of other games where all you do is rush the wall to win the fight (we all know thoose games). I want it to be a fight to the very last man. throughout the settlement. Not untill someone has the walls.