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Old 08-27-2009, 10:31 PM
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Originally Posted by LiTos456 View Post
Is it possible to mod for the mmorpg mode, but only mods that don't actually affect others? For example something you see, like, I dont know better textures or more blood or something else visually but not actually affecting the gameplay. So only that person who has the mod sees it, is that possible?
It will always be possible, the real question is will it be allowed. I hope not, easily abused. High priority targets get changed to be larger or highlighted so they're easier to spot etc. For MMO mode it should be if any of your game files don't match the server, you're denied access. For regular MP it'd be fine I guess, outside of ladder.
Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
When to comes to MMO we have to put security over customization. So players won`t be able to mode anything in MMO mode.
We might add a feature to make custom hero and units - but these mods would need to be submitted to a team of reviewers and added with following patches. We might consider creating a team to review user created content for MMO and adding it for everyone to enjoy...we`ll see if this happens.

However, players will be able to install and completely mod a second copy of Dawn of Fantasy not used for MMO or multilayer gameplay.
The first point I agree with absolutely 100%, imbalance in a mode where you can severely affect your opponents for games to come is just not okay.

I love the idea of a team dedicated to reviewing user created content, especially if (when) you move on to creating other games with most of your team. As it is a lot of older games I play have 'unofficial' patches that you have to have in order to play with most people, it's a real hassle. I really think you should consider something like that, there are plenty of people myself included that would love to be able to help out with adding to the game officially.

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