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Originally Posted by Aametherar View Post
Eww I hate micro transactions in games. I just hope they don't alter the balance of the game. Micro transactions for boxed retail games is normally a deal breaker for me. As the guy above me mentioned, expansions are 1 thing but micro transactions are also a big no-no for me.
The incentive to keep adding content/balancing/bugfixing after the first 6-12 months is non-existent without micro-transactions. From a developer standpoint it's a better system, it gives them a steady income instead of hit or miss expansions that rarely live up to expectations unless they're in the 20USD range, which given the expectations for the amount of content, you're not likely to see much of a return at that price.

a couple bucks a month for new content, which will in turn make them want to keep their current players as well as add more - so they'll keep doing bugfixing/additions/balancing. It's cyclical, unless a game is OUTRAGEOUSLY popular like wc3 or SC, it's not fiscally sound to keep adding content, microtransactions could change that, easily. It's never been tried for a game like this, not properly anyway.

Imo - releasing new units/maps/misc in small packs for a couple bucks, then after they've made a handful of such packs, make a larger one that gives the last few they've made at once at a discount. And just keep doing that. If people want the extra stuff early, they'll pay a little more, but after a while you'll get it at a good price if you're willing to wait. Of course this means that new units need to either not change the way the game works significantly, or be free. if it changes it too much it'd be unfair unless you buy it which forces people not to play or to buy, which many people wouldn't like. Also after very long periods, after each of these larger packs I'd suggest that anyone that purchases the box copy/digital download that they get the extras for free so it's not prohibitive for new players, that'd be a death sentence for the game after a while.

If this game is anywhere near as good as I want it to be, I'd be more than willing to pay 10-15 a month new content if it means they'll keep adding it, and balancing/bugfixing, as it is I spend a hell of a lot more when I'm between games that hold my attention like a good MMO or starcraft back in the day just trying to find something worth a damn. Try 150-300 a month in games I play for maybe a week if I'm lucky, if this is what I want it to be - this game will keep my attention for years.