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Old 08-27-2009, 07:46 PM
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The next contest might be a little boring but it'll be here in a few days, not in a month which is how long it took this one.
This was actually an awesome contest, like a bigass wall of text there for the developers to read if they're ever bored, hehe lol.
The next contest you'll have to make your own contest, there will be 1 winner who'll get a key for the first closed beta and their contest will become the 4th contest which will have 3 winners.
However there may be no voting for the next contest, because this will allow people to vote for a crappy and easy one. Which is why at this point I'm at 60% for me picking the winner myself. But then again, this contest isn't as important. Yes the winner does get the first closed beta, because if I made it 2nd/3rd people wouldn't want to enter because they'll lose the chance of getting into first beta in the 4th contest. So I'll be picking - most likely - and that contest will be used. If all contest are complete crap and/or too easy, or don't follow the guidelines like they should - I will pick no-one, and go on with the 4th contest by making one up myself.

Edit: Aamethear, the voting indeed does give popularity to the site which in return will result in a bigger activity when the beta or the full game is out. Not that I'm trying to hog views and visits by making these polls public, but as you can see the benefit went to all of us, we had some interesting competition and quite a lot of votes, thanks to the guests. I doubt people were faking votes... There weren't THAT many, I think the case is just these 3 people's entries being much better in most people's eyes than others, so they went out with such a gap.
Personally I voted for Glacial... for some reason I always vote for the people whose vote in the end ends up only mine. Muahha, whoever I vote for in the 4th contest will be unlucky, since my curse will be upon him/her... hehe.
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