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Old 08-27-2009, 05:40 PM
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Default Miscellanous units


Hi, I am sneaky squirrel , I first heard about this game a few years ago. After a few weeks of stalking in these forums, a great sadness stroke me when I found out it was far from I vanished.

Few years later I find this again and once more begin stalking, I found a fan site and thought maybe I should join and get a little updated on the game, just then I find out a contest is being hosted and so I decide that maybe I should try and enter it for fun, one thing led to another and bam the site has awarded me the ancient key from the ancient sage "BeTa" said to be able to open the gates to the first age.

The point of this thread:

I was just wondering, since I plan to request the ancient instrument of world crafting (Editor),
will any miscellaneous units (Not available in skirmish or MMORPG) be included or will be included later on besides the dragon units?
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