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Old 09-12-2007, 02:29 PM
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What really really hurts DoF at it's current state is it's numerous 'graphical upgrades' that have happened few years after few years and it's Photoshop look. By that I mean that nearly all textures in the game display their 'brushed and filtered' look.

HDR/Bloom won't make things better if the base they work on aren't that great to HDR and Bloom. I adore the classic fantasy style with it's pale colors and the like, but the game looks outdated a bit.

Problem with Bloom especially is that DoF at it's current state looks like a pretty crowded game. This will make people turn bloom off since Bloom often smooths the lines between details. Currently it's already very hard to see units on a map. This screenshot ( is a good example of how fog helps reduce the effect, but this one here is a random mess ( Also, what doesn't help at all, is the feeling of depth in the game that seems to be missing ( This makes the last screenshot look very 2D.

Another problem in graphics currently seems to be that every 'city' is greyish brown, every forest is green-green-green, and the like. There's no 'beauty' to the nature and environment itself. The city shown on numerous screenshots looks like a boring place to live in or build in my opinion. Considering some of the better fantasy RTS'es around these days, this seems lacking in it's current state. Where are the seasons, the weather, the daytime, the atmosphere itself?

Reason I'm saying this is because the news surprises me, I didn't expect another graphics makeover this late in the project. I was expecting the number of variations in environment, different textures and looks to the world be the ones worked on this late since right now I've only really seen one human city and one elven forest in similar lighting conditions and similar setups.

Is graphics overhaul really this necessary this late instead of simply piling up and adding to what's already there? Just my opinion of course, I just believe the latter would be more beneficial.

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