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Old 08-26-2009, 04:26 AM
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Sounds good to me. Would be cool if you could assign more men to a siege engine or engineers etc to which can pull the siege equipment faster to its target but then your men can be more exposed. Ads an extra stratergy to the game if you want your siege to the walls quicker your going to have to pay for it with troops, or you can choose to reserve yoru troops but on the down side your siege might take more of a beating and become unsucessful. Just a thought.

Also with the archers on the walls. I can see that possibly becoming a problem if you bottelneck say a group of swords on the stairway. And then fill the rest of the wall with archers. How will the defender counter that as pikes wont (just guessing) be as affective on stairs and calvery (also guessing) wont be able to go on the battlements either.

all thoose swords just have to hold the position while the archers rain merry hell on anyone who tries attacking them.

just thoughts that crossed my mind.

One idea is that archers have a bonus when firing at your own wall from within the city. So thoose on the wall dont have a cover bonus other than the hieght when attacking down from the walls.. This would enable a more fun fire fight and the possibility of retakign the walls??

feel free to message me on theese points.