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Why bother with mmorts!?
You have a persistent kingdom that you can customize and have waiting for you every time you log on to it. You grow attached to your kingdom after a while and you begin to love it and care for how well you protect, how pretty it is, its setting, and its layout. After dealing with the desert for months, you will most likely find the forest quite annoying for a while.
There will be quests in mmorts mode that you can do not only by yourself but with others. These adventures will be great for exploring new territory, doing something when there's not much time to play, showing new and possibly exciting lore about the game, for the new friends you might meet along the way, and for the enemies you slaughter while you do the quest.
Fighting against computer and player opponents is fun to do for many people. You get to kill your enemies and loot their corpses for booty! If you are looking for a fight there will most likely be places where people are always fighting, like in most mmo games where there is pvping.
There are also guilds/alliances that you can join to quest in, socialize with, fight with or against in tournaments, and where you can find dozens of friends to do many different things I can't think of right now.
There are just too many things that mmorts gives that would make it a horrible thing if it were cut out of Dawn of Fantasy.
Also, will there be guilds in-game, or would they be created outside of game?

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