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Darvin is just really niceDarvin is just really niceDarvin is just really nice

AI - I don't know if Darwin was mistaken, or if I'm looking at this the wrong way. As far as AI, you most likely will be able to fight an AI opponent co-operatively or on your own in mulitplayer. However I don't believe we will have an option to replace your own person with an AI during the game, we may have a feature where if a player leaves they are replaced with an AI concurrent to their ranked skill level.
You summarized it correctly. I interpreted him as saying that players should be able to allow the AI to play for them, and then argued against that. I'm happy with an AI taking over for a player if he leaves, but a player should not be able to stay in the game and use such a feature.

No Command Points - I'm unsure of this term, as I am not a typical RTS gamer. I would assume your talking about Unit Caps, such as only X number of units allowed. This will be determined closer to release, where we have an idea of how many units can be placed on screen with all the features and graphics we want.
It's one of the things that the genre has failed to get a standardized term for. Population points or command points are common ones, but I've also heard supply and support before. In any case, all those terms refer to the maximum number of units a player can support on the battlefield.

Make an Alliance While in Play - This will of course be included in MMO play as there isn't a point where you would join one before you start your MMO experience. Similarly, this shouldn't be a problem during a skirmish gametype, though the idea of using a messenger unit instead of a menu screen is a good idea.
I am opposed to messenger units, as I do not feel that any game should inhibit communication between players. Contrary to the stereotype, gamers are not anti-social misfits (well, most gamers, at least), and one of the most important aspects of multiplayer is that interaction. Anything that makes communication more difficult (particularly casual communication) is a bad thing in my books, and a messenger unit incorperates both a considerable delay and a failure rate to conversation.
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