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Originally Posted by AJP View Post
In DoF, will units, like for example, a horse-archer, or a few archers in a moving siege tower, fire while moving, or will there at least be modding support for it? I thought it was pretty lame for AoE to have units like horse archers and dragoons that have to be stationary to deal out damage. I mean, realistically, the only reason such a unit was so effective, was because of its mobility.
It's almost a certainty that we will support this, as we are going for more realistic combat, this is definately something we are looking at.

Originally Posted by AJP View Post
In AoE 3, units just don't miss. ******ed. Will DoF Ranged units be 100% accurate?
In short, no DoF units will not be 100% accurate, ranged or otherwise. I have explained accuracy and combat mechanics in more detail in another post, here is a quote:

Originally Posted by Ryan Zelazny View Post
Combat is basically controlled by "dice rolls", much like RPG combat, you will have dice rolls for attack and defense, between the two combatting units. I'm not completely sure on the exact math, but I think how good the attack or defending action works will be determined on the difference between the rolls. E.g. Attack rolls 8, Defense rolls 12, Defending unit would Block & Parry the attack, or Attack Rolls 9, Defense rolls 5, Attack does extra damage from lack of defense.
The same system basically goes for ranged units as well, however ranged units are also effected by visibility (both line of sight and light), range, weapon (tech upgrades), and specific traits to the race they are.

Originally Posted by AJP View Post
Again with AoE, splash damage(ie, using heavy cav/elephants to mow through
infantry) was a miss. It would seem kind of ******ed to watch a unit like an Ogre fight each unit one by one, rather than swinging his club through ranks of units. Will this be something that you guys are looking at?
We have taken multiple opponents and positioning into account with our combat mechanics, the AI that is going to control how a unit reacts to this is very well done and you will be pleasantly suprised when you get a chance to play it.