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Old 09-10-2007, 06:13 PM
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Warcraft III had no "shooting while moving", either, although given their game mechanics it would have been obscenely overpowered. As for inaccuracy, that was only an issue if you were fighting uphill, were under the effect of the "curse" spell, or attacking a unit that had a special ability to evade attacks.

BFME was a little better, although it still didn't have "shoot while moving". Mind you, I did see some mods manage to implement this for the battlewagon in BFME2 (think of a chariot with archers on the back). They also had modding support for accuracy, but in general they were 100% accurate as well.

I do think that DoF should take after the Total War series when it comes to these things. They have it right, although I do find a little too much luck with regards to catapults. I've seen units approach without losing more than a dozen individuals, but sometimes I've seen people lose half their army before they get into the melee. Too much luck there, so I think DoF should look for a better balance in that regard.