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Old 09-10-2007, 05:21 PM
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Arrow Firing while moving, missing targets, splash damage, etc.

In DoF, will units, like for example, a horse-archer, or a few archers in a moving siege tower, fire while moving, or will there at least be modding support for it? I thought it was pretty lame for AoE to have units like horse archers and dragoons that have to be stationary to deal out damage. I mean, realistically, the only reason such a unit was so effective, was because of its mobility.

In AoE 3, units just don't miss. ******ed. Will DoF Ranged units be 100% accurate?

Again with AoE, splash damage(ie, using heavy cav/elephants to mow through
infantry) was a miss. It would seem kind of ******ed to watch a unit like an Ogre fight each unit one by one, rather than swinging his club through ranks of units. Will this be something that you guys are looking at?

BTW, I haven't played Warcraft or BFME, so I don't know how any of these ideas works there. I do know that they work in Halo Wars(at least it looks like it) RTW, and M2TW pretty well.