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Old 08-08-2009, 03:52 AM
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Aametherar is someone to look uptoAametherar is someone to look upto

lmao! Everyone heard it differently, it's like an ink blot test for the ears o.o

Also (about screeny) I see, makes sense now, I was saying because the previous screenshot without the dragon afterwards I went back to the pic looking for signs it was edited but couldn't find them so yeah <.< hehe I still liked the one without the front dragon better. Back to the video to listen closer.

Oh and I do dare question Reverie! Heh, only in a good way though. So far everything I have seen is pretty awesome, I have no problem pointing out anything I find odd though.

Editk yup it is Hamilon... but only cause now I know it's supposed to be hamilon <.<

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