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Old 08-07-2009, 07:42 PM
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Aametherar is someone to look uptoAametherar is someone to look upto

I always come to forums through the site so..yay \o/ anyways it says register before 15th to secure a spot in beta, sounds like theyre guratneeing forum registers a spot in CB :O

Edit:Also, is it ok if I youtube the vids? (=

Double edit:Also the bottom of the video (the part covered up by the border on the web page) is blurry.

Triple Edit: You should really change king Camelon's name, I mean no offense or anything it just sounds so unoriginal like a ripoff of Camelot, and kinda lame <.< could have a thread on forums to suggest a new name >.> i'd drum up a bunch.

Quadruple edit: <.< "Hassle of free building placement"? That's one of the bets parts! Oh well I knew that it was probably going to end up in plots.

Quintuple? edit: That dragon in front of the screenshot was so added into the picture after the fact.

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