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Default Second beta key contest: Create-A-Race!

Ok children, we're back with more!
DoFSource has now setup a second contest, sticking to the little idea of being able to create your own stuff.
Last time you created your own units, which were also looked on by some of the development team of course, and won 3 of you beta keys.
This time, you'll be creating a whole race! Now that'll finally be a good place to spit out all your ideas that you've kept inside for god knows how long, and of course I'll make sure the developers take a good look at your entries, and perhaps take one or two of them and stick them in the closet for later use.

Anyway, here's how it goes:
You post the following details:

Race name:
Units (no specific stats here, just names and types):
History/About/Whatever else.

The history/about is for anything else. Could be special abilities, notes, history, umm.... I don't know, the kind of food they eat? Use your imagination.
So yeah, it's easy, but obviously you guys will be writing up essays on how magically wonderful your race is.
So go ahead onto dofsource and post your entries. This time, everyone can vote, including guests! So be sure to buckle up and make some good entries, because you'll need them soon.

Enjoy and good luck everyone! Yeah same deal, 3 winners, etc.
Deadline is august 22nd.

Whoever can guess what the 3rd Dofsource beta key contest will be, will get 1 free vote automatically added to their entry!

God bless Billy Mays!
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