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Old 08-03-2009, 05:09 AM
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ahh np - I will assume this is more heading more towards the 'large multiplayer online RTS' game not massively then lol

Most betas get 100 players on first day minimum and use about 500+ to explore the MMO aspects that cause the most difficulty in this genre.

Heavengames is regarded as 'of note' by wikipedia so I have just assumed that means they take advertising for reviews like the rest of the sites 'of note' like gamespot et all. Sorry if the staff there take offence but I am suspicious of popularity on the net lol.

Rtsc doesnt do MMORTS - they only have Saga on their list and thats more down to the casual game elements of the trading cards imo and a fan on the staff maybe. DoF fans live there thus coverage - no other game in our genre is mentioned by that site - they are stuck in the 1990's in my eyes.

And previous betas have led me to regard sites like betawatchers with caution - they will lead to a misleading influx of folk with no clue what they are meant to be playing nm assisting the devs to weed out gameplay issues. Bugtesting will be fine - even console users can spot those lol but gameplay for longevity? I think those sites mostly harbour those seeking free games not real beta testers.

Dont mean to be negative but i find way too much is assumed in this genre and even devs can get tunnel vision over this. An RTS game could be accomodated and understood more easily but MMORTS is a hard beast to ride and I have yet to see a dev listen before commiting too heavily to change whats needed.

As many devs have found out - i am happy to pop onto vent and swear at them for being stupid there also
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