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Old 08-02-2009, 10:13 PM
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Darathor is someone to look uptoDarathor is someone to look upto

I agree that having more information and the like on a site dedicated to mmorts's would be very beneficial in attracting new people, and there aren't really too many sites that have much of anything on DoF. But this all should probably done when the update to the website is complete so they don't just look and the release date of 2007 and all the features that aren't going to be in the game anymore.
And like Aametherar said, rtsc and heavengames just have a forum or page for it, only dofsource is a site that is only about DoF.
Wait for the update to the website before any interviews and stuff so people aren't confused.
I'm not sure how big the beta is going to be, the sticky says 50 in the first beta and doubles for the next two, but this seems like it might change(hopefully to where avid official forum goers get into like the 2nd or 3rd beta ).

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