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Old 08-02-2009, 06:34 PM
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Unless the numbers allowed on the beta are deliberately small and this is what you are aiming for, could some non dedicated fan sites get a pop at beta keys? It might be the only way you get hard core MMORTS players who have seen most good and fail points of MMORTS to get in. DoF fan sites will be watched by those who watch the official forum anyway and RTS sites will have RTS players (who have generally no idea of the long term implications of MMORTS games) - why not - like other devs - send some material to a dedicated MMORTS site that attracts hundreds of visitors per day from all the other live and beta MMORTS games....

Also - my SEO work that got me to 2nd on google (cant beat by dint of the url alone sadly) was all hand tweaked and word of mouth. I see too many actual game pages NOT found by search engines - in fact i think only saga appears first page. Little bit of work and your site could be on first page at least. Most still havent managed that and it was quite easy tbh.

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