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Originally Posted by Darathor View Post
It's as Visscher said earlier, it's gameplay over realism. I would get very angry and frustrated if my army started to flee even though I know if they would have stayed I would have won. I don't want to lose because of my soldiers stupidity. I want to lose because of my own stupidity if anything, at least then I know that I can improve, and I don't hate the game as much then.
You say you want to lose only because of your own stupidity, not the game - controlling morale is just another aspect of the game, if you can't handle it how is it the games fault and not your own? If your opponent has units that cause fear/reduce morale and you didn't scout/bother to build units that increase yours/prevent fear or focus down his morale/fear causing units, you deserved to lose, not the game's fault at all.