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Originally Posted by Aametherar View Post
Honestly I agree that having troops flee is annoying, knowing you have the advantage and watching your troops all start breaking and fleeing is annoying. I more like the idea I put up of capturing higher lvl units after the battles over based on actual kills then ransoming/sacrificing. Maybe you didn't kill them but captured them, it'd be more an aspect of mmo mode, not affecting in battle at all with stuff like fleeing.
morale is just another way to win a battle. If one player manages it well using various support units/fear units and the other doesn't, the first guy should win. It's another aspect that the player has to control. And while it's frustrating to see your army start to panic and break when you know if they continued to fight would win - that's the reality of it. Soldiers don't see that big picture, they see something big and scary in front of them or killing their friends, and they want to get away from it. I personally hope morale is here in some form for in battles as long as there are counters to it like everything else. Expensive and slow training units that increase morale/decrease how fast it goes down etc for example. So if you build them early without know what your opponent has, your army will be weaker, but if your opponent has units that lower morale and you don't your army will rout, another way to reinforce small scale gameplay, scouting and skirmishing to see what your enemy can bring to bear.

Originally Posted by Joseph Visscher View Post
[color="Navy"]Units cheer when they defeat the enemy in a battle., currently units do not cower or become fearful, they'll just fight to the death, this may change though.
Well, I hope that changes! if not oh well, I just think it adds another layer to gameplay that can be fun when done right, personally not a fan of activated 'fear' or 'confusion' but maybe the countering system will make it work.

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